A Letter To You

Dear loved one,

I wanted to drop a line or two before I leave. It's been a pleasure meeting you, hanging out with you an most of all loving you.

I remember when we went out to the diner and you ordered my meal, exactly as I would have liked it and exactly what I was in the mood for at that moment. I never told you, but butterflies were let loose at that moment. Oh, remember when we took a walk by the riverside, 3 years back and you whispered in my ears the words, "I think I just fell in love". I played dumb and carefree but I loved every minute of it. The walk, the weather, the talk, simply perfect. The day you introduced me to your mum and dad as, "the reason for you progress", you thought my blush was cute, you had absolutely no idea how many leaps of joy my heart did.

I have many more beautiful memories but to continue would be to exhaust the time I have left here. I received a report yesterday, as much as it breaks my heart to believe it, yet alone share it, I have no choice. Before I expose my defect, I want to ask one thing.

Please, please give God a chance. If you thought my love was real, you need to find my source, it's realer than real, it's renewing, its amazing and as there are no words sufficient enough to describe love, there are no words to describe how great He is. I hear that only the living can praise God and it doesn't even take common sense to agree that the dead can do absolutely nothing. While you still have time left in you life span, please let the same God that gave me a beautiful life, do the same for you. Let Him be your fountain, please let him overtake and overwhelm you. The greatest gift I can live with you is the gift of the God, his love.

I want to rest in peace, knowing that my heart, you are in love with my first love. I have a few days left according to my medical report before my liver completely fails. On the flip side God can turn this around, but if he feels my time is up, then it is up but do this one thing for me.

I love you.

I'm sorry that you would find this letter when I am probably gone because it takes 5 business days to get to you but forgive me, I didn't want to spend my last days watching you pity me. It is no secret that death would come. Sad to say mine came just a few years earlier.


Your fiancee

10 roses:

Anonymous said...

Excuse me?....Fiction or non-fiction, this is sad!!! But is this someone you know?

BBB said...

its awwww-ing and sad also

Blessing said...

This is truly sad and depressing

H said...

@HoneyDame, its fiction darlyn. Sadly tho, I thot about it in the sense of what I would love to say to a person I've liked, if I were to die.

@BBB and Blessing, it's okay dears, its not real but it could be.



Anonymous said...

phew! tot it as real until i read the comments.. nevertheless is sad.

kitkat said...

glad it's entirely fiction. hope you're not bluffing though?

Jaycee said...

Woahhhhhhhhh......thank God you came and answered the question on if it is fiction or not.

Written beautifully, heart-wrenching but this is the reality. God's love sticks through life & death, and surpasses every romantic escapade. The greater love transcends eternity (after death), and our loved ones really have to know Him.

QuTh said...

Quite the compelling- if sad- tale...

H said...

thx guys

@kit-kat, no I'm not bluffing sweetie

Anonymous said...

Poignant. Emotional. Inspiring. I love it.

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