"I, I, I....wwwaaannt tooo..." #theStammerer

That's a small disability we might think, but a stammerer wishes he could be more articulate

"Please could you read the signs to me?" #theBlind

"If you don't mind, please help me reach..." #theCrippled

Last week, I came down to earth a little and realized the many little things I ought to be grateful for. I met the age 50's who have been living with down syndrome for 50 sum'n years, the simply retarded who may have come to appreciate their life as the norm. The little girl who takes one step with every five steps a girl her age takes...

and there was me...

the 20 sum'n year old who can walk, can run, is articulate, is pretty much what one would label "normal" but how grateful was I?

My heart bleeds for those who are not as fortunate, who were not given a chance to choose their physical abilities.

If there was a call made before every birth to everyone..."Pick ye this day, deaf, dumb, blind, perfectly healthy..." would anyone in their right mind choose to have a disability? I think not!

and there I was God had shown me mercy, who am I and what makes me so special? how many times do I remember to be grateful for a thing such as 'capability'? how many? instead my current worries overwhelm me and I keep crying out, "why me?", with the full understanding that one day, it'll all be over...a storm doesn't last so long, the darker the night, the nearer the morning right? so it would all surely pass, besides worry steals away today and doesn't change tomorrow so it is wise to be grateful at whatever point we might be no matter how hard or's important not to let the "other things" get in the way of appreciating the truly dear things.

A message from the disabled:

"Oh what I would give to be just like you..."

why not be grateful for the things that I do have and understand that no matter how bad it get's someone has it worse than I do?

I figured I'd share this with you, that we may all realize how much we are truly to be grateful for. Ingratitude doesn't build, it steals and about a silent killer...#stageONEdepression

God Bless

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kitkat said...

aww this is so sweet. preach on!
i know how i complain and grumble bout irrelevant things when i should really praise God for making me who i am.
lovely post :)

H said...

thx sweetie

P.E.T. Projects said...

Let everything that has breath praise God.
If we're grateful in little things then in no time we will receive all our other heart desires

Anonymous said...

Taken so many things for granted that i don't appreciate..this post had showed my 'nakedness'.. *hides face in shame*

Hannah said...

@P.E.T...yup yup

@Ibhade I'm glad. *big grin*

In the midst of her said... just held a mirror to my face. Lord, I am grateful. Pls forgive my ignorance.

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