Pushed by an Uplift -- I got a jooooob!

God is twenty much.
After so long, all the hustling and bustling. He did it at his appointed time. Its been exactly one year, one month and one day since I graduated from University. Imagine that.

U know how they say in the bible that he makes all things beautiful in His own time. Being that I just got the job, there's definitely better things to come. He who has started this good work would be faithful to complete it.

Only yesterday, I cleared my account with a purchase of potatoes. This was the last of the $500 I was just blessed with last week. Not that I ate the money but one has gotta remove tithes, then pay rent. Leaving me with about $50, which I had to mise(sp?) Things get soo tough before they get better. In this past year, there is so much I appreciate now that I wouldn't have appreciated then. It was a period of growth, enlightenment, lessons, so much.

Now, I did not just get any job, I got a job at a bank. Not just any bank but the 3rd best bank in Canada, the best bank in customer service, 4 years in a row. The bank is in my city, so I don't have to move. It is located at my 2nd best place (the mall). C ehn, I no fit shout. All morning I've been on the phone, receiving calls, texts, prayers, congrats, blue tooth hugs, bb hugs etc. He has surrounded me with people who rejoice in success, who have prayed with me and for me. The Lord has kept me here that I do not have to stop performing in the music group, I'm still a part of this church that has empowered me and enabled my growth in Christ. There's just too much to be thankful for. Yours is coming. That breakthrough, that moment of deliverance, abundant joy. Its just around the corner. When it comes, all ur hardship would seem so little.

If I didn't go through this trial period, I doubt I would be this thankful. I wouldn't have understood.

I'm going to go now but I would be back, when I'm not too over whelmed to type. I have stories to tell.


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Anonymous said...

"If I didn't go through this trial period, I doubt I would be this thankful. I wouldn't have understood"....I agree with you...

I'm so glad for you...your story is proof that though it tarries, we should wait for it (it being God's blessing/promise)...I pray that God's blessing on u is permanent IJN...I also tap into your testimony as I'm seeking a similar blessing...lol.

Seshe James said...

Please follow my blog for latest stories....


kitkat said...

awww u sound so stoked!!
glad u got a job :) ..hold on tight to ur spot before dem jealous colleagues try to push u off..jk!,lol
nyc blog :)

Omotee! said...

First time here and this post is just what i need.
Although am employed but I know just how hard waiting to get a job is esp in Nigeria. You pray, you get lifted, you despair, get lifted again....
I pray we experience this kind of miracle too. Its very dark now so I guess its cos its almost dawn. Pray along with me.

And we've got the same theme

P.E.T. Projects said...

What can I say... Its a year of ELEVATION.
Congrats babes... pop the champagne, lets toast (i'll be drinking my five alive along with you)

May you excel at this job... AMEN

SHE said...

Congrats! I can just feel the excitement in this post.
All the very best at your new job.

Rita said...

God is awesome...thank God for the job and for keeping you during the waiting period. How is the job going?

H said...

First of all, please forgive my lack of response to each comment. I totally ignored this blog.

To those who commented last year, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to be disrespectful.

To everyone else, yes o....God is plenty much fo real. He does His things in remarkable ways.

@Omotee, I guess u cud say we have an eye for similar things...

@Rita, its going good. Thank God

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